Almost every interview with a journalist starts with the question: how did it start, how did you discovered that
you have this ability?

There is no short answer to this question, which is why journalists will usually get just a part of the story.

There is no short answer as this did not happen suddenly. The process of discovery of this unusual talent took many

Many events helped little Zbysio, and then young Zbyszek, to discover his powers. As a five year old boy when hugging his dying mother he almost lost consciousness, and from that point his mother started getting better and lived for many more years – but then nobody realised that this spontaneous and desperate explosion of energy helped her to get better. Only after years with many similar experiences Zbyszek understood what had really happened that day.

As a small child he would plant little sticks which would then sprout to life, or he would stroke sick bald dogs and they would get back to health and grow fur. He was convinced that these were a normal occurrences which happen to ordinary boys.

Instead of playing football he would observe nature and collect herbs with his grandma. At school his peers called him a freak and found him and everything around him weird.

His parents, busy with their own problems, did not support his talents and never paid close attention to their younger son. They perceived him as a strange boy, with his head in the clouds and – as his father used to say – „walking around like a monk”. In short – the beginning was not easy. Things got better for Zbyszek when he was sent to a boarding school. Fresh start,
no label; teachers liked this attentive boy. He was assiduous in his studies, he felt an urgency to understand this power in his life. Steered by curiosity, he yearned to comprehend why he was different.

Years passed before his suspicion that he was more sensitive and had unusual abilities turned into conviction. New facts gave him food for thought. 1958 – a desperate man about to commit suicide changed his mind when his photograph reached Zbyszek’s hands. 1966 – a postman suffering arthritic pains since the war got better; a neighbour suffering from migraines and fevers felt better after having tea with Zbyszek; two doctors
overcome by the same deadly disease died 6 years apart only because one of them visited Nowak.

Brother in law, after a serious car accident quickly returned to health, even though Zbyszek was not admitted to hospital to see him and had to revert to using a photograph.

With tens and hundreds of such incidents of unexplainable cures, the news started spreading of the medicine man from Podkowa Leśna near Warsaw. Finally the telegram came from a friend in Kuwait asking for help for his boss’ wife… (continue reading)