Zbigniew Nowak

Energy Transfer

Mental contact serves as a conduit for the transfer of energy from myself to you. Energy originating from the source flows to me, and I, in turn, transmit this energy to you. It’s important to note that this energy isn’t generated by me; rather, it simply flows through me. The three gestures we will practice together facilitate this process.

The first gesture enables you to gather the flowing energy. The second gesture is aimed at shaping this energy, while the third is focused on dispersing it throughout your body. Positive charged particles accumulate on the back of your hands during this process. To dispel them, simply shake off and clap your hands.

Are you ready? Play the clip.

Thanks to these three actions, your body’s cells will return to harmonious cooperation, freeing you from harmful positive ionization. Each interaction with this energy may trigger reactions, indicating that your body is starting to eliminate toxins, concretions, and impurities—elements it previously struggled to manage.

Reactions may not always manifest immediately; they can vary in intensity and duration. This variability is influenced by factors such as genetics, the nature and progression of the illness, as well as external elements like stress, nicotine, underground water flow, and geological conditions.

Common reactions include temporary spikes in body temperature (potentially reaching up to 40⁰C), momentary increases in pain, feelings of nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, changes in urine and secretion color and odor, excessive sweating, rashes, itching, drowsiness, or heightened alertness, slower reaction times (a particular concern for drivers), and a possible aversion to nicotine and alcohol.


Please be aware that seeking assstance here does not replace the need for regular consultation with your healthcare provider. Your doctor should determine the appropriate dosage of prescribed medications and recommend suitable operations or treat