Energising Water

How to energise water?

  • 1.5 litres of water should be factory sealed.
  • The water label (which you will receive by post) is signed with the name of a person for whom it is addressed, this label should be attached to the bottle.
  • You can energise the water during the mental contact at 8.00 pm or 10.00 pm – during the third gesture putting your hands close to the bottle for a minute (as per the photograph).




  • You can do it straight away. To do so prepare the water; attach the label and click on the photograph with a clock.
  • Such prepared water is energised.
  • To achieve a more powerful effect the reverse of the label should be filled in by the same person and sent to my address: ul. Jaśminowa 7, 05-807 Podkowa Leśna. Then I will additionally energise this water from a distance sending the energy via the filled water label on the reverse.



How to do a compress?

A small amount of cotton wool or tissue should be slightly wet by the energised water. Apply it to an affected area for five minutes. After five minutes dispose of the tissue or cotton wool. This can be done at any time and repeated if require a few times a day. A new piece of cotton wool or tissue should be used each time.

If there is an open wound, the compress should be applied on top of the normal dressing. Water for compress can be warmed up if required.

Why we do compress for only 5 minutes?

During this time our heart will have time to circulate the blood a few times around the body. Thanks to this the energy from the water will spread to our whole body and will start working. The body will rid itself of the harmful positively ionised elements which will attach to the surface of the dressing, cotton wool or tissue. That is why after five minutes the compress has to be discarded and a new tissue used for a new treatment.


In case of filling in the personal data on the reverse of the label and sending to the above address, provided details are processed by the „SUN” Company, Marian Zbigniew Nowak, 05-807 Podkowa Leśna, ul. Jaśminowa 7 („Zbyszek Nowak”) in order to energise water using the address displayed on the label. Providing these details is voluntary but without them the requested services cannot be carried out. These personal details are deleted (destroyed) immediately after the provision of required services, according to SUN’s procedures. They are not processed “en masse”. Up to the point of their destruction you have right to (a) access your personal details and correct them (b) right to withdraw your consent.