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At first you may think that this is a story like many others. Roman lives too fast, works too hard and totally ignores first symptoms of his illness, as well as its serious progression. This is his dramatic story. He comes to Zbyszek only when the doctors’ final diagnosis is: „there is no hope”.

This is the book which you will want to read at one sitting. The author has let us into his most private thoughts, into his deepest emotions. He is dying in front of us and he has given us access to every phase, every step of this dreadful process – pain, debilitating loss of strength, hallucinations, madness of thoughts, feelings of sadness and guilt, terrifying loneliness and grief.

He also reveals how a single spark of hope developed into the power to heal.

A patient cannot come to Zbyszek for help if he is not fully co-operating and expect Zbyszek to make him better. The patient’s openness and determination is needed. Also the attitude of the third party is paramount – your conviction when asking for help for your loved ones; your engagement, help and contact is also needed.

Just see it like this: if Zbyszek Nowak’s power is a gift from God, then your co-operation is the prayer.

If you want to know how it works, read this book.