Zbigniew Nowak

Mental Contact

Mental Contact is primarily focused on legal entities but also directed towards individuals in need of extensive and ongoing support. It represents the culmination of my efforts, combining limitless energy potentials with decades of experience across diverse organizational settings and projects. Through Mental Contact, I harness energy streams to achieve specific objectives that might otherwise seem unattainable.

This approach entails providing continuous remote energy care for individuals, entities, organizations, and ideas. It transcends crisis management scenarios, encompassing situations where we may feel we’ve exhausted all avenues, unaware of the untapped potential within reach.

At the business level, my endeavors are fortified by a wealth of experience in crafting effective strategies, offering inspiration, leadership, and proactive consultation to address various personal and business challenges.

In practice, for organizations, this engagement is formalized through legal agreements, delineating clear goals and targets. It can be structured as time-limited or ongoing support, with options for monthly installments.