The plants and animals are the most grateful audience. They don’t doubt, they don’t build barriers and they are open to receive a gift of energy. Zbyszek worked in horticulture for many years. He talked to his flowers, cared for them and in return they were rewarding him generously. Freesias, carnations, tulips…they grew beyond the average, sprouting additional buds. At flower markets his flowers would sell before others even started their trade.


The bee is a clever, hardworking and well organised creature. And it produces honey – a true gold. But the most interesting is the fact that bees which only live for two months have a method to prolong their lives by five years – that’s how long the bee queen can live for. Bees, as any other animals, love Zbyszek and don’t want to inflict him any harm. He rarely uses any protective gear when working on bee hives.