The Kindness Law – this term was invented by Zbyszek to explain the phenomenon of how any kind act towards people brings some reward. In some people’s company everything goes well. For example Andrzej Wawrzyniak – a long standing manager of the Asia and Pacific Museum, author of exquisite collection of Far East in Warsaw and creator of the “Brotherhood of Good Deeds”, which Zbyszek is a member of.

“The responsibility of a member of the Brotherhood of Good Deeds is to commit at least once a day a noticeable good deed…”


Father Leon Kantorski, long standing parish priest in Podkowa, was not only recommending Zbyszek to his friends who had any health problems, but also supported Zbyszek’s many initiatives. On the tenth anniversary of arising the statue of Mother of God in Antarctica – he carried out a mass of gratitude in Lourdes and Fatima – it has been documented by many. He also bravely and publicly defended Zbyszek during the programme “Night Conversations” in 1999, which turned out to be a viciously staged programme to discredit Zbyszek in eyes of the audience.


Elżbieta Bakanowska was a loyal spokesperson of Zbyszek in the world of high society world. Thanks to her we started many interesting friendships while bringing help.


Waldemar Tewnell, is a very worldwide travelled person, who always invites Zbyszek to places where there are interesting developments and if there is somebody who needs a hand shake and thus an injection of energy on the global, shall we say, scale.