In Zbyszek’s opinion community and voluntary work should be sensibly organised. He often readily participates in such charity events. He frequently takes part and contributes generously in charity galas and auctions.

Between 1978 – 1980 he played an active role in the construction of Health Clinic and Combatants Club in Podkowa Leśna. He was the treasurer and managed the finances, as well as doing lots of physical work during the construction.


During an auction aiming to raise money for the victims of flooding in 1997 he spent 50 thousand PLN (purchasing Kasia Nosowska’s “Fryderyk”), two interested parties were outbidding each other and finally decided that they would pay equal amount and the coveted sculpture would be shared and adorn their places at different times. Finally “Fryderyk” stayed forever in the offices of the “Reader’s Digest”, the money raised was the main aim.


Zbyszek also supports scientific projects. Recently he contributed to publishing work of Jerzy Gąssowski and Ludomir R. Lozny’s “North America’s Indians. The past and present.”


WOŚP (Christmas Charity Event)