Zbyszek concentrates all of his talents on helping ill people. Though sometimes he uses his ability, knowledge and experience to find the right path for an individual lost in our complicated world. Giving counsel on personal and business matters – he introduces order and calmness to his clients’ world – using this positive energy they become better people, capable to overcome any obstacle.
Only on two occasions Zbyszek let his ability to be used for scientific research. Let’s see what Professor Jerzy Gąssowski, a witness of both experiments, has to say:


I am pretty sure that every archaeologist in the world, when holding a freshly uncovered artefact, be it just a piece of old crockery, yearns to see the past witnessed by this object. In the Anthropology Department in the Natural History Museum in New York there is a huge glass cabinet with a very captivating and unique collection of 3D reconstructions of pre-humans and early humans within their natural habitat. They look lifelike and you have impression that at any moment they will carry on with their everyday activities. When I saw this exhibition, I did not suspect that one day I would witness, or even participate, in such a journey into the past. But this did not happen in New York, it happened in Poland, in Podkowa Leśna near Warsaw, to be precise.

There were two apparently unrelated reasons for that. The first was a letter from Paris addressed to Prof. Waldemar Chmielewski, who was then the head of the Department of Anthropology and Medieval Archaeology at the Warsaw University. A copy was also addressed to me. In this letter Dr. Zbigniew William Wiołkowski, a physicist from the Laboratoire de Pharmacochemie Moleculaire in Universite de Paris VII turned to us with an unusual request. He wrote that together with Marian Świda, step-son of Stefan Ossowiecki, currently living in Chicago, he was a co-owner of the publishing rights to transcripts of psychometric experiments, relating to archaeology, carried out by this famous clairvoyant – Ossowiecki.

Dr. Wołkowski asked us to prepare a concrete scientific report regarding Stefan Ossowiecki’s visions, verifying the findings and confirming if they agree with the modern science. In return he was prepared to give the Warsaw University exclusive rights to this material. He also suggested that to illustrate the publication we should use the archaeological artefacts used in the original experiments carried out before the Second World War. These artefacts could be used again for the psychometric experiments assisted by the French clairvoyant R. Reant. Attached to the letter, there were copies of manuscripts of two chapters of Stefan Ossowiecki’s experiments. We were also bound to secrecy prior to the publication of the material. However, as it later turned out, the part of the experiment (number 29) was partially published by J. Goodman titled „The Polish Wizard” in „Psychic Archaeology” magazine 1980, pages 50-74.

Professor Chmielewski let me deal with this, which was not an easy task. All the artefacts used for Ossowiecki’s experiments were lost during the war. The whole collection from the Archaeological Museum and Erazm Majewski’s Museum were transported by Germans from Warsaw and recovered after the war. Unfortunately part of the collection, including the items we were interested in, got lost during the convoy. We duly informed Dr. Wołokowski about it by post, however, due to a French postal strike, this letter did not reach him till much later. In December 1974 Dr. Wołokowski withdrew his interest, short of accusing us of expropriating the sent materials. He should have realised that both chapters were already published in a few Americans psychometrical papers.

All in all – this whole incident was quite unfortunate, however it encouraged me to try and repeat Ossowiecki’s experiment. For this I needed a co-partner. And here comes the second reason I previously mentioned. In 1992 I suffered from sore feet which made walking difficult. Lasers, massages and other treatments proved unsuccessful. Then a respected friend of mine suggested a visit to Zbyszek Nowak. I was equally desperate and sceptical about this. But I had nothing to lose. As my illness did not yet prevent me from driving my car I drove to Podkowa Leśna. Zbyszek made a very positive impression on me. When he examined me after a group session with his hands not touching but hovering over my body, he diagnosed me with illnesses I was aware of but also with some problems I didn’t know about. Later the medical tests confirmed his findings.

After a few visits my feet got better and my condition has never recurred. During Zbyszek’s treatment I came to understand that in his diagnosis he uses telepathy which borderlines clairvoyance. When I asked him about it he confirmed that in some cases you could say that, but he never wanted to take this clairvoyant ability any further, as he wanted to heal people and not to see the future. Then I asked: why not see the past? Maybe we could repeat Ossociecki’s experiment?

It was not easy to convince Zbyszek. I think he didn’t want to undertake something he didn’t know much about. He hadn’t known me long, maybe he was afraid of criticism if he failed. It took me weeks to convince him. Finally we came to an agreement – if the experiment is not successful we will keep it quiet, if it is successful we will record it for further references. For me, the real bonus was the fact that Zbyszek didn’t know anything about archaeology, so he couldn’t make things up. We decided that the transcript would be published with my scientific endorsement, if the experiment was successful. Later that is exactly what we did.

I had at the back of my mind a prospect that, as the initiator and participant of such experiment, I could be laughed at by other scientists and intellectual circles etc. I was already being criticised for writing about archaeology in popular press, that in my books or scientific papers I was trying to use accessible comprehensible language (as done by English or French scientists). However, as it turned out, I did not receive the cold shoulder for this parapsychological experiment, furthermore, this experiment generated some interest. We decided with Zbyszek that we would continue with this line of work in the future (so far hasn’t happen yet!).

This was twenty three years ago. Our friendship with Zbyszek and his wife Aleksandra continued throughout all this time. The book “Ocean of Time” 37 published after the experiments is still popular. Times change, science constantly develops. Archaeology moved forward as well as apparently unrelated fields such as psychology, neurology, quantum mechanics, religious science, anthropology. All these disciplines together became important tools supporting archaeology. Nowadays it is one of the exceptional branch of learning about our ancient history using biology and other scientific fields, as we are dealing with era before the concept of writing. The research of ancient drawings and symbols is currently very popular but also very difficult to interpret. In this oldest art humans portray images of themselves and their gods, these symbols were designed over 35 thousands years ago.

These ancient still images of the past do not satisfy our imagination as the moving images in the Natural History Museum in New York. We dream to see, even for a split second, to peer through a key hole, and witness everyday lives of ancient people. This was achieved by two great people: Stefan Ossowiecki and Zbyszek Nowak. They managed to penetrate through the darkness of the distant past and peer through it and tell us what they saw.

Let’s go back to some of these experiments and see if their interpretation is still accurate; let’s compare in detail Ossowiecki’s and Nowak’s visions. There are similarities and many differences. Ossowiecki was a wealthy engineer, chemist, he was using his clairvoyant skills searching for missing people. He also had extraordinary skills of teleportation, sometimes he was evidently in two places at once. His archaeological experiments were performed in the presence of a group of scientists from Warsaw University. He would take an artefact in his hands and after a while would get into a trance. Whilst in such state he would describe aloud and in detail what he saw. Such séances would take a long time and would exhaust the clairvoyant.
Zbyszek Nowak’s experiment was totally different. He would take an artefact in his hands and without getting into a trance he would immediately describe what he saw. Sometimes he didn’t even touch the object, after a moment of concentration he would have a vision. At the time he couldn’t have known it, but in some aspects these visions were similar to described visions of Siberian shamans. At the beginning of his vision a shaman levitates high in the air, he flies into the cosmic space and sees a vast area of the globe, then he lowers slowly towards the Earth to the place where he searched for his answers.

Zbyszek’s visions were almost identical. I will describe one of them. I gave him a primitive flint tool called: a crusher, dated from a few thousand years ago, it was said to be originated from south of France. Zbyszek in his vision raised above the Earth and saw from up high the whole of Northern Africa. Full of vegetation, with huge rivers (not just Nile), lakes, wetlands, inhabited by hippopotamus and crocodiles. He also saw people, who looked to be happy. This is the picture of paradise on earth. It was when the large part of Europe, including majority of Poland, was covered by an enormous sheet of ice, similar to the one which still covers part of Greenland. At this ancient times, as seen in Zbyszek’s vision, Africa (including the Sahara) often experienced torrential rains. The modern satellite pictures show the true picture of how it must 38 have looked like, hidden under the desert’s sand there are enormous dry river banks and beds where lakes used to exist. In the time of the Roman Republic, and then the Roman Empire, northern Africa served as their granary; crops, wine and oil produced by African farms would be transported to Europe. After years of long service the legionary soldiers were settling in Africa to pass their final days in peace. So Zbyszek’s vision was absolutely accurate, sandy Sahara is an only relatively modern phenomenon, still spreading south.

Here is another example of a very accurate vision. The National Archaeological Museum had provided me with a pretty dish made on a turntable found in an unknown place in Northern Poland. This dish was initially thought to have originated around II century AD. I was interested in Polish history in Roman time. However Zbyszek’s vision took me by surprise. He saw brick churches, castles, at one point he saw Copernicus’ image from Matejko’s painting. Suddenly Russian tanks attacking German soldiers emerged in his vision. I found it very strange. I tried to establish closer the origins of the dish. Firstly let me explain one thing. During the Roman era in the area of modern Poland handmade dishes were used for storage and some were locally produced on turntables and fired in ovens; they looked uncannily similar to the ones later sold as folk produce in Cepelia (Polish stores with handcrafted folk products). The identical dishes were produced from XIV to XVI century in towns, they were modelled on the ones produced by German settlers in Poland. In XVI century these settlers were influenced by Polish culture and the only thing which made them stand out was their German names. In time Mr Schwarz would change his name to Szwarcowski.

After this digression I am going back to our story. It turned out that Zbyszek was right. The dish came from the museum in Królewiec (then Konigsberg), due to the approaching Russian front all of the exposits were packed into large chests and hidden underground. Soon that place would be a battle ground between Germans’ and Russians’ tanks. The vision travelled in time.
After the war the chests were dug out and the exposits were taken to the National Archaeological Museum in Warsaw. By chance, also in other visions, it turned out that time, which rules our lives, follows in patterns, it’s something fluid. All efforts to precisely establish the age of specific object were unsuccessful. Only the accompanying events in the visions could help in estimating their age and purpose.

One time I arrived to Podkowa Leśna with a few objects linked to medieval weaponry in my shoulder bag. They were objects from my own digs and I knew almost precisely their age. Zbyszek welcoming me at his threshold, immediately said: “What is this army you are bringing with you?” He described a soldier in a helmet standing next to me. I don’t have to mention that I arrived by myself. The visions were sometimes difficult. The soldier who appeared with me didn’t want to come back at the beginning of the experiment, but the weapon which I brought with me must have belonged to him. The solder was, according to Zbyszek’s vision, dressed and equipped in accordance to the era the weapon was from i.e. IX century.
Sometimes the visions were playing tricks on us. During one experiment with a thousand year old object, Zbyszek had visions of North American Indians. They had just a few feathers in their hair, and not, as 39 per modern belief, full tuft of feathers. This image was accurate – each feather had to be earned during a war, a full tuft were only owned by respected veterans from the Prairies. Where these Indians came from? Zbyszek didn’t know, but at the same time I was just finishing writing my book “The North American Indians”. So it was some kind of telepathic connection with my thoughts. We were afraid that my archaeological knowledge may hinder Zbyszek’s independent visions. However it turned out that the incident with Indians was just a single glitch. During Zbyszek’s visions he seemed to participate physically in witnessed events. When we were examining a flint from the Ice Age he saw himself amongst primitive humans living near ice and he felt a freezing chill all over his body. People of the early part of the Stone Age were settling close to areas of ice, as it was a natural preserving method (like a fridge) for the meat of hunted large mammals. There were mammoths and mastodons as large as elephants and hairy rhinos. The meat preserved in a natural fridge could last for a long time. Therefore they didn’t need to hunt daily and had more time for rest and play. Happy times!

It is impossible to analyse all of the experiments in this short article. They were very similar to the experiments conducted by Ossowiecki. We only have a full record of two pre-war records, Nowak carried out six of them and they were different in character, visibility and clarity. Some types of artefacts caused a very precise visions, others were mere signals. The clear ones were the ones of weapon and accessories. According to Zbyszek they were full of high emotions or aesthetic visions which were embedded in them. Household objects had the total opposite effect, especially handmade ceramic dishes. The visions were often of anonymous women hand producing them or using them in the kitchen. The rest of environment was in the dark fog. Sometimes the analysed object wasn’t ready to show a vision or a type of expected vision. A small Swieciechowski flint tool from Koniusza, dated to 4000 – 4500 BC made very precisely, looking like a cross between an axe and chisel, in Zbyszek’s vision turned out to be a surgical scalpel. He saw a woman lying on a table and her skull was trepanned by this scalpel. Archaeologists have discovered human skeletons from those days in cemeteries, sometimes their skulls have markings after trepanations, but with closed edges. This means that the patients survived such operations and died of different causes. Up to now researches try to find out why such mysterious operations were taking place in the Stone Age.

These visions didn’t always have the same character. Some descriptions looked like a story from silent films; others were fragmented, interwoven with many other episodes from different eras, periods. A vision of Atlantida was precisely like in Platon’s story, but with flying airplanes which were probably a digression from a different era. But, who knows? Archaeological discoveries on the Greek island of Santorini, previously known as Thera, showed a high level of civilisation and material culture, which later was achieved in XIX Europe. The discoveries in Santorini have shown the culture from III century BC. People lived in palaces with hot and cold water (from thermal springs), with W.C. using a water system. Therefore why not airplanes?

A huge eruption of volcano in a heart of the island and consequent tsunami in 1627 BC destroyed not only this blooming civilisation, but also ones in Crete and parts of continental Greece. This was a well-known Minoan civilisation, the ancestor of Mycenaean and then Greek civilisation. The volcanic eruption was twice as powerful as the Krakatau’s eruption, and the tsunami waves reached over 200 meters.

When we were conducting these experiments, the main aim for archaeologists was to date correctly discovered treasures. Another generation of scientists were working on different methods for establishing the time when these objects were made, used, what communities and villages have they come from. The precise dating was rarely possible. For example: if we
found a coin in a dug out dish you could assume that the whole dish is same age as the coin. I will not be here describing all the methods used to estimate the age of the treasures. I have to admit that I had high hopes that our experiments would help with this problem.

The experiments with Zbyszek showed me that my hopes were in vain. During the last two decades archaeology has acquired new methods of dating more precisely; previously they were unheard of. In our experiments time was two dimensional, in visions the past and present were mixed up. This gives rise to deeper reflections which, however, are not a subject of my expertise.

In my experiments Zbyszek Nowak looked as if he was physically inside his visions. The most visible was when the vision was close to the ice sheet and he felt extreme cold. So it wasn’t only peering through the so called “key hole”, but a specific form of co-presence within the observed scenery or events. How is this possible?

Let’s go back to the two dimensions of time, visions from different periods of time co-existing together at the same location. Let’s look how other sciences explain this phenomenon.

It is interesting how the matter of time absorbed the imagination of many philosophers and physicists from the early eras. According to Pythagoras’ student – Paron, time is something unstructured as it causes loss of memory, forgetfulness. St. Augustin in his XI book “Confessiones” considers different aspects of time. He definitely agrees that time is created by God, who exists outside of time. According to Newton there is only one, universal and omnipresent time, which passes in a constant speed and nothing can change it. George Berkeley’s opinion was that without the mind which senses movement and changes, the whole idea of time would be nothing but an illusion. We will come back to this in a moment. Leibniz also opposed Newton’s theory saying that time is an order of events happening in the world – without the world (events) you cannot consider any time.

Let’s see what famous physicists say about time: Prof. Carlo Rovelli, an Italian theoretical physicist who studied in Bologna and Padua, worked in Italy and U.S.A, currently is a lecturer in the Centre de Physique Theorique at the Universite de la Mediterranee in Marsille. He is one of the co-maker of the theory of Once again the professional paths of two friends joined. Zbyszek joined the search for Nicholas Copernicus’ grave. In 2013 he received a medal and diploma for his effective contribution loop gravity, Polish scientist Prof. Jerzy Lewandowski works on this theory as well.

Prof. Carlo Rovelli: “Science is a construction site of huge ideas which constantly evolve. This evolution will always take place. The time is a concept which is constantly changing. When we think about time we think of something that passes, we see a huge clock located somewhere outside of the universe, which ticks and with each tick everything changes. But the concept that time passes regardless is Isaac Newton’s idea. His idea is that such concept as time exists and even if nothing changes, the time still passes. He used a variable “t” to describe the passing of time and he called it a time function. How do we measure time? Using a clock, or pendulum. Each clock has a pendulum, something oscillating inside, for example an atom. This time measuring method was discovered by Galileo. As legend has it, he was sitting in a church and because he was bored he was observing a candelabra, which would swing slower and slower still. But Galileo understood that each swing takes the same amount of time – he counted the passing time by his pulse. Great. But when a doctor measures a patient’s pulse they use pendulum method. So we measure pendulum using pulse and pulse using pendulum – a close circuit. So what is time? A pendulum? A pulse?

In physics the law stating that time flows in one direction is the second law of thermodynamics: the warm air flows from warm to cold place. The second law of thermodynamics will not make sense in space in a state of complete balance. We do not experience such complete balance on the Earth as the sky above us is cold. The only reason why time passes is the difference in temperature. So I think that this special time characteristic, as its passage, has its source in thermodynamics. The concept of passing time comes from the fact, that there is some degree of freedom around us and we are not able to explore all changeable elements. We are resigned to statistical description. I think that time is our ignorance. If we knew the state of all the atoms, their mechanical state – even without considering quantum effects, we would not see the time. Because we don’t have such knowledge, we have only approximate view, this view automatically defaults to passage of time. This is not a precise idea, just an intuitive sketch. In the system which achieved a total balance the past equals future.”

Even further in his considerations goes the physicist from University of California, Henry P. Stapp, who in the past worked with the fathers of quantum mechanics, and recently admitted that presence of a soul agrees with the law of physics; therefore he undermined the opinion that believing in existence of a soul does not belong to science. In 1970 Henry Stapp already wrote a document about the interpretation of Copenhagen quantum mechanics, which within the physicists’ circle was considered as a very important paper. The appendix to this document was written by a very respected scientist – Werner Heisenberg, the one who came up with uncertainty principle. Stapp defined a soul as a body independent from our material body and brain, which can survive after our death. In a recently published paper “Capability of Contemporary Physical Theory with Personality Survival” he said that the idea that science excludes existence of a soul is incorrect. Stapp explains that what is considered as a realistic world has to be defined differently. Some aspects can obviously be explained using classical maths formulas, however we also have another world without determinism, i.e. which cannot be described by strict scientific methods.

This world is totally different to the one we know and for many reasons too abstract, but physicists have known for a long time the observer paradox phenomenon, who by the act of observation influences the observed object. Physicists quite quickly realised that their experiments are dependent on their own point of views. This means that the world looks differently to us than to the people from long time ago.

To word it differently – choices in life become visualisation via determined quantum states, which stay undetermined until the interaction. Such is the real picture of the world in which we live in, but of course 99% of people are not aware of that.

Stapp suggested that thought and brain can be connected together by a very dynamic process and they can exist together or separately. Following this train of thought you can say that physical defects of consciousness are still unresolved scientific problems and require more detailed research, which considering the limitations mentioned above, is very difficult, or even impossible to conduct from our position.

Modern quantum physics give us answers to these and similar questions. I also have to mention that Zbyszek Nowak belongs to the small group of people, who regardless of their everyday problems and hard work, still feel the overwhelming need to improve their knowledge. Hence his early interest in quantum physics, his achievements in introducing of something I would call “the quantum way of thinking” to his healing practice.

In his bulletin “World is our pharmacy”
(no 34/35 – January 2012 and no 38/39 –
May 2012) he wrote:


The matter visible to us is made up of over 90% of energy. Three physicists: Frank Wilczek, David Gross and Dawid Politzer received the Nobel Prize in 2004, for proving something unbelievable. According to them all objects are made out of something which hardly weights anything. It was known that all material objects are built out of atoms. The atoms are built out of electrons and nucleus. The electric interaction keeps them together. That’s why negatively charged electrons oscillate around the positively charged one. Inside the nucleus there are protons and neutrons. Almost the whole mass of the atom is inside these two types of particles. The electrons oscillating around nucleus consist of merely 1% of the atom mass. Therefore to understand the core of matter which we are built out of we have to look into protons and neutrons. We have to see what is inside a proton and check where its mass comes from. To do it we have to split it apart. Up to now we were able to split bigger parts into smaller bits. However in this case the physicists were stunned. They tried as hard as they could, protons could not be broken. They would put it in an accelerator, move it at unbelievable speeds and try to smash it against other protons moving at speed in opposite direction. Despite this dramatic collisions the proton remained unharmed. Physicists did not manage to break it. The accelerator was full of other protons and the whole menagerie of other elementary parts, which weren’t there before. “It was as if we broke two apples and as the effect achieved three apples, one pear, a melon, ten cherries and two courgettes” – comments prof. Wilczek.

It was noted that the accelerator gave protons more energy. New particles were born out of this extra energy. However if new material particles could be born out of the energy then this means the end of physics as described by Newton. This great physicist and philosopher was convinced that the most fundamental and constant material value is its mass. New mass i.e. new material cannot be made out of nothing. It happened just once, at the beginning of the world. “If the accelerator produces more energy, more material particles will appear. Particle mass which appeared in the accelerator, was 30 times larger than the mass of the experiment electrons and positrons.” – says prof. Wilczek.

The experiments in the accelerators proved what Albert Einstein knew before: that matter can be created from energy. Physicists managed to carry out an amazing trick. They looked inside the proton without splitting it. On the photos you can see particles moving with the speed of light. They are full of fury and energy. This energy of churning small particles inside the proton turned out to be the source of mass of all the material objects. Such as our bodies, rocks on the Earth and the Moon, cars, pyramids…

Thus prof. Wilczek disrupted our current knowledge about the material world. He showed that what we considered a concrete material is only a form of dynamic energy. And what we considered as empty space is in fact full of lively energy and plays a part in the matter making our bodies and all objects which surround us.

How can this discovery be important to our everyday life? At the moment we cannot answer this question, as with many previous discoveries. Who is this discovery useful for? – this was the mocking question posed in early XIX century by the state administrator to Michael Faraday, who discovered magnetic fields. The scientist answered calmly “You will be taxing its benefits during my lifetime”. He was not wrong. Who can imagine life nowadays without electricity?

James Maxwell and his electromagnetic fields were also laughed at. But thanks to his discovery we can have mobile phones and car radios. The same will probably happen with empty space energy, quark energy struggling with gluons. We will learn how to use it. We have to be patient though.

Who will find use for this energy interaction? – Joke self-obsessed malcontents. Not understanding the laws of energy blind they vision and prevent them from using it to prolong or improve their lives, revitalise their bodies and ensuring less effort when achieving their goals.

The energy is all encompassing and limitless. It is impossible to use it without understanding how it works. The quoted article can help us understanding how we are built, what is our building material and how important in our life is understanding our emotions which have direct impact on everything we would like to achieve.

Moving to the metaphysics, we uncover the power of our thoughts on our general health, wellbeing and level of awareness. It is here, on the higher level of consciousness that we gain the ability to influence our physical world. Instead of being victims of circumstances we could use these simple tools as a tested safeguards against negative energy.

We can say that the whole reality is created by thoughts. Many people lost their feeling of safety, encounter many problems which so often take away the joy of living. We observe the effects, rarely do we look into the source, as usually we do not realise that all of the organic structures are inter connected together. There is a constant exchange of information between them usually above the conscious level. The question is: what information? Good or bad? The basic learning processes are mainly triggered by the presence of something or somebody, mostly outside of our conscious level there is an independent shift of information field. Will it be favourable to us?

Each person possesses a huge amount of information not only about oneself, but about everybody they ever met. Because we are beings all linked with each other, we exchange information not only on different levels of consciousness, but also we exchange emotions, different states of our spirit, love, hate, empathy. This is still information being coded in our body. Not all of it is positive, much of it is a source of our problems. Not only illnesses. And all of it can be exported to everybody and many of us do that quite often inadvertently.

The years of research of characteristics of water show its importance. In his book “Water – the image of life energy” Masaru Emoto proves a sensational thesis that water is capable to record in its structure sounds, images and emotions. And 25% of human body consists of solids, 75% of water. The human brain consists of 85% water, blood 90%, muscles 75%, liver 82% and bones consist of 22% water. Each part of human body depends on water.

If water, as Masaru Emoto proves, has the ability to record sounds, images and emotions within its structure and our body mainly consists of water, then we should ask ourselves: where else the diseases and problems come from and answer it for ourselves.

To make the answer simpler I will use the concept of Alice Bailey’s bioenergy therapy of dematerialisation. She was born in 1880 and wrote 24 volumes about esoteric healing, she came up with a model of reality which consists of seven energy levels, each has its own co-existing consciousness.

Each level consists of seven sub-levels of increasing perfection and sophistication, and the whole thing flows in eternity. Each of these levels is reflected in our body in a form of corresponding energy, i.e. the etheric body, astral body etc. In short the seventh level is a physical level, which consists of physical body, liquid body, gas body and four higher levels of etheric body.

The energy of the etheric level creates life in physical form. Another researcher, David Tansley, the author of many books, one of them “Bioenergotherapy Exchange” says that the etheric body consists of “miasmas“ and when they are stimulated by specific elements they pollute the energy which reaches our physical body. The vital powers become distorted and the chronic illness symptoms become visible. Miasmas can be inherited or acquired.

The sixth level is an astral level, in other way, emotional level – this is the source of emotions, yearnings, illusions, as well as, linked to the etheric level, source of illnesses. The fifth level is called mental level – the level of our brain, which ranges from a concrete, materialistic knowledge in lower sub-levels to a spiritual knowledge on the higher levels.

For the purpose of this presentation, it is not necessary to deal with four higher levels – intuitive, spiritual, monadic and logical, as they don’t play a part in the process of illness. Tansley talks about them as “transpersonal me” (or spiritual me), however I think that they could be treated as the core of a person.

The link between “transpersonal me” and the personality is the higher ego. It is a platform which exists on the mental level and through which a person manifests the reason for their existence. These struggles between our different reasons/goals and lower or higher “me” create problems and are the sources of the majority of human diseases.

From this point of view the physical human is a condensed higher energy into a form which means that the quality of each physical or subtle structure will be a reflection of the quality of the energy and its sources. The energy has to flow without obstacles through all of these systems to the physical body to keep it healthy. Any interruption or barrier in subtle body will create a distortion in the energy flow, which will be reflected in mental, emotional and physical symptoms.

So the aim of bioenergy therapy is to find the source of distortion and, if possible, get rid of it. In other words, we have to find and eliminate the source – we will not get rid of poison in the river by simply draining the water, if we don’t deal with the source of poison which could be located in the higher levels. When seeking solutions for a better living, we can use the analogy of water, where particles never replicate the same form. Each particle is different, unique, because within a nanosecond the information reaches it and registers and only the most important information in this particular moment is registered. The particles of water are never repeated and this is explained by its source elements which are never the same.

In any time unit the events leave permanent marks, which in the case of humans, are stored in particles of water which we consist of. One example of the memory of water is homeopathy – the phenomena that challenges the classical medicine. As its mechanism contradicts the logic.

That’s about it on Zbyszek Nowak. In this article I was trying to show that in our metapsychological experiments with artefacts, in an unconscious but practical way, we visited a sphere which later was explained by quantum physicists, and they are still trying to understand it.

Jerzy Gąssowski