Zbyszek’s first book “Hands that Heal” was published almost a quarter of a century ago. The subsequent publications document his work, explain the idea behind it and provide a platform in sharing his vast experience. Every year there is a high demand for tens of thousands of his wall calendars with his photograph radiating positive energy. It turns out that such items have a positive impact on the environment in many homes, offices, even in glass houses, shops or workshops.

The calendar on an old wall

The programme “Hands that Heal” has been shown on TV since 1996. It was transmitted on different channels (although we are loyally staying with Polsat), the programme’s formula changes, but one thing remains constant: the viewers have always had the opportunity to participate in the exchange of energy – for many people, especially ones who cannot come to Podkowa, it is very helpful.

The domain www.nowak.pl was registered in 1998 and is an active means of contact, it is constantly evolving. Facebook fan page has regular participants. Any new developments in technology – Zbyszek is present.