Zbyszek’s popularity did not come overnight. In 1990 – 1991 Zbyszek found his proponent in Aleksander Minkowski – writer, journalist and the main editor of the magazine „Scandals”. At first Minkowski was sceptical, even cynical. He met up with Zbyszek trying to discover some fraudulent activity. Zbyszek diagnosed him very thoroughly, even mentioned his accident from 26 years ago and described the injuries he received. He did the same with Alexander’s wife, listing all her health ailments. This was even more impossible to believe as his wife was at that time in the USA and Zbyszek was using only her photograph.

The cynic turned into the ally. Their co-operation began straight after the first encounter.

„Scandals” organised a meeting in their offices with a group who suffered from various illnesses, most were children. Similar meetings were also organised by other magazines.

„There was no miracle” – reminisces Minkowski in a special edition of Scandal, which sold a million and a half copies. Nobody got miraculously cured within few seconds. But something relevant was happening. Within a few weeks we started receiving information about positive changes and

Most memorable was the case of Irek. He was paralyzed; contact with him was always very emotional. Half a year later little Irek came to the TV studio on his bicycle! Today he is a happy family man, working and bringing up his kids.